A good example is the Booyah 3/8oz Super Shad™ or the 3/16oz Mini Shad™ shown at right. X Research source Also use Colorado spinners if you’re fishing at night.Select a willow-leaf spinnerbait if you’re fishing over thick vegetation. One of the most common fish that fishing enthusiasts across the country hunt for is the bass. When selecting which spinnerbait to use, many people place an emphasis on size and color (we will discuss this further down). The blade(s) on a spinnerbait offer flash and vibration as attracting mechanisms for bass. Tie a sinker onto a three-way barrel swivel and attach your lure and line to the other two ends. Choosing spinnerbaits for different waters and other conditions. Recently though, there has been a decline in the use of spinnerbaits for the simple fact that new baits and innovative lures have come onto the market. The spinnerbait consists of a metal wire shaft, a jig head paired with a stout hook and 1-3 spinning metal blades. If I had a do-over . spinnerbait Blades. The rods and reels I use spinnerbait fishing are the following. The spinnerbait stands the test of time – it’s been a mainstay in tackle boxes for as long as people have been chasing fish. In this article I will try to explain how to use a spinner-bait as well as how to gain confidence when you do. If you can’t find such a heavy spinnerbait, or are pressed to use a lighter one, then try putting a rubber-core sinker onto the shaft of a lighter lure, camouflaged by the skirt. The simple spinnerbait is easy to use but it’s a very sophisticated lure. A spinnerbait, made up of a heavy head, a skirt, and attractive blades, is specifically designed to emulate the behavior of injured prey. As bass anglers, we are always looking for new ways to get bit. A spinnerbait is one of the most reliable lures for catching bass anywhere they are found. Mark Zona: Undiminished passion. B.A.S.S. How is your fishing journey going? To get them back on your line, here is a complete spinnerbait 101 guide. Is this fish on your catch list too? I use … Also, avoid setting the hook when you see the fish strike. Step 5: Attach the line to the Rod The technique is to cast the lure to the desired position and as the lure touches down hold the rod tip high. The enclosed eye and V … How to Use Spinnerbaits: Slow Rolling a Spinnerbait. Keep your spinnerbait clean. But today most pro anglers, and even weekend bass fishermen, don't use them anymore. 99. You just have to … But there's more to it than just casting and retrieving. Step 4: Tighten the line to the spinnerbait. The best spinnerbait for bass consists of one or two flashing “blades,” a jig head, and a skirt to cover the hook. Fishing with a spinnerbait is an awesome way to catch aggressive bass, especially in murky or stained water. With the help of monofilament, wrap the eye of the spinnerbait to give it a firmer grip and also glue the line. Then let the lure flutter down on a semi-taut line and watch for any line movement indicating a … You can also try to use baits that match the watercolor while keeping a red color on them. I go from a No. This type of bait is great for fishing in heavy underwater brush, since the small, slim spinners are less likely to get caught up in the vegetation than the heavy blades of a Colorado spinner. Forgoing fishing a spinnerbait … The spinnerbait itself is the determining factor of a hook or bait trailer. Those that do win … 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 size blade, all the way up to a 4 in the front and a 6 or 7 in the back. 5% coupon applied at checkout Save 5% with coupon (some sizes/colors) Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 24. Let's go over the parts that make up a spinnerbait, the sizes or weight and the color choices of blades and skirts. Page views. Chatterbait vs Spinnerbait: Burning a Spinnerbait. The spinnerbait is about as tried and true as it comes for bass lures – you’d be hard pressed to find an angler worth his salt that hasn’t caught at least a bass or two with the old safety pin. Jimmy Houston, one of the best spinnerbait fishermen I know, keeps his lure in sight 99 percent of the time. Knowing how to use a spinnerbait, at least effectively, is a little more complicated than just casting and retrieving it. When a big bass bites, the stout gear gives him the confidence to get the fish into the boat. Bass will hold a spinnerbait for a long time, so don’t jerk until the fish is felt. This allows the sinker to keep the spinner low without interfering with the lure’s action. Kevin VanDam has built his pro bass fishing career on effectively using spinnerbaits. Use the pliers to cut that excess string of line and leave it smooth. We’ll cover how to rig and tie a spinnerbait to ensure it won’t break free, you’ll have less trouble with tangles, and you’ll be able to catch bigger fish! This lure is beloved by tournament bass anglers everywhere, and even though they don’t have a natural baitfish appearance like swimbaits or crankbaits, they’ll clean house at any freshwater pond.. For added strength, he prefers 20-pound monofilament line with a 7-foot, medium-heavy action rod. Larger lures are harder to cast than smaller spinnerbaits and may require the use of a two-handed rod, both for casting and retrieving comfort as well as accuracy. Trending. Flash is most important in clear water because in that situation, bass mostly use their vision to feed. This will help you see strikes and learn to catch bass on a spinnerbait. Actually, the spinnerbait setup played a big role in the first six Bassmaster Classics. The spinnerbait remains one of bass fishing’s most well known lures, but has lost popularity over the years. Spinning Outfits (1) Quantum (QES665F) 6'6" rod, Medium-Heavy, 10-25lb line, 1/2-1oz lures combined with a Quantum Energy Pti (E40PTi) reel, 9+1 bearings, 5.7:1 ratio, 8-12lb line retrieves at 29" per crank. New materials like tin bodies, high-tech UV finishes, and better man-ufacturing processes make spinnerbaits deadlier-than-ever. Start your retrieve by letting the spinnerbait fall to the bottom and then slowly lift your rod so the lure rises a foot or two off the bottom. A spinnerbait is one of those lures that have been around for decades now, and has even been surpassed by new age techniques like chatterbaits, but can still produce some great days on the water. If the wire arm containing the blades is longer, then a trailer hook will be necessary. There are many different types of spinnerbaits that do different things which complicates choosing the right one for a specific purpose. ok first, the spinnerbait should come to a a triangle, one end is the spinner and the other is the bait, now in the middle or the point there should be a circle, or a u shape, thats where u put the knot! Tandem-blade spinnerbaits are generally meant for speedy retrieval. There are many uses for a spinner-bait; it can be used as a fish finder, a deep water bait, a shallow water bait, a bait that covers a lot of area in a short time, you can drop it like a worm or speed it up like a rattle trap. Don’t let any scum, crud, or weed matter build up at the line tie or swivel. A twin willowleaf combination is the best for quick retrieving, and a willowleaf-Colorado combination is for more intermediate retrieval. Whenever conditions call for a single-bladed spinnerbait, Stone likes to beef up his tackle a bit in order to counteract the heavier spinnerbait. And if I’m seeing a lot of big shad, I like waking a spinnerbait with one big Colorado blade. When I go with Colorado blades, I use multiple combinations of sizes. We recommend using this knot for your spinnerbait. Blade selection. The style or combination of blades to use may be a reflection of where and how you fish. Get best fishing times with lunar fishing calendars. The Evolution of Spinnerbaits for Bass Fishing. Well, the name alone gave this one away, but yeah, I’ve never tried to ‘burn a chatterbait’ and I don’t think that would have the same desired outcome. A skirt is attached at the base of the head covering the hook which sits upright. For this spinnerbait technique I'll use a 1/4oz or 3/8 oz, tandem willow-leaf blade spinnerbait. Others I know prefer small heads with multiple willow-leaf blades if the water is clear. Spinnerbaits are available in wide variety is sizes, shapes, and blades. In contrast, if it is shorter, then there is no need for a hook and a soft plastic will do best. Burning or waking a spinnerbait is a great way to catch smallmouth and spotted bass when they are actively chasing bait. X Research source Also use Colorado spinners if you’re fishing at night.Select a willow-leaf spinnerbait if you’re fishing over thick vegetation. Streams and Rivers Reaction baits like the spinnerbait can be a great option year-round and can really shine when bass are active. announces 2021 Opens schedule. The 2020 Opens lure trends. This increases my hooking percentages significantly while allowing the spinnerbait to remain relatively snag resistant. spinnerbait. What kind of fish have you been catching lately? You can combat this by adding weight. When using monofilament line, tie the spinnerbait on with a Palomar knot. as far as retrieving it, its fish preference, if there really biting, then ur can bring it in alittle faster, and if there not biting, go alittle slower. If you don’t have a specifically designed surface lure such as a Buzzbait the next best thing is to use a double Colarado spinnerbait. Most of the wire frames use an R-bend eye instead of an enclosed eye or twisted wire eye, which gave the lure its nickname of safety pin bait. 4. While these are definitely crucial aspects that contribute to properly working a spinnerbait, perhaps the most important component to a spinnerbait … It is essential because it lets you open the eye after all the fishing. One of the most versatile bass baits of all time, spinnerbaits can be fished deep, shallow, and everywhere in between. A proven choice of the pros, anyone can catch fish on a spinnerbait, once you learn some basic principles. A spinnerbait is by far one of the most versatile and effective fishing lures ever made. Why Use a spinnerbait? Spinnerbait tips come in all shapes and sizes, but rarely focus on the description of the blades attached. This will prevent the fish from inspecting the bait thereby increasing chances of a strike. # Palomar Knot The Palomar knot is very basic and probably is the most efficient knot to use on almost any bait. Many anglers know the basics about spinnerbaits, but most don't know what really makes one spinnerbait more effective than another. You can use this lure year round, throw it in and around cover, fish it up shallow or deep and catch fish with it in pretty much any condition. On the other hand, vibration is the most important mechanism when spinnerbaiting in muddy water. One of the reasons for that is because of their versatility. spinnerbait is to run it fast. When to use a spinnerbait. The basic design of a spinnerbait consist of a thin wire bent between 90 and 45 degrees with a weighted head and hook somewhat resembling a jig head at one end and a blade or blades at the other end. I use a VMC short-shank O’Shaughnessy style hook that’s super sharp, and I want it to swing freely behind the main hook. Goture Bass Fishing Lures Spinner Baits Kits Double Willow Blade Spinnerbait Swim Jig Fishing Lures Freshwater for Bass Pike Trout Salmon (3/8,1/2 oz) 4.5 out of 5 stars 201. A spinnerbait without a trailer is often times more than enough to trigger a … If it is, then you certainly need to learn how… This type of bait is great for fishing in heavy underwater brush, since the small, slim spinners are less likely to get caught up in the vegetation than the heavy blades of a Colorado spinner. Another blade bait retrieve that produces early season bass is yo-yoing a spinnerbait. You can also use a spinner as a trolling lure, but they often tend to ride high. $18.99 $ 18. 2. But to use a spinnerbait, you'll need to be able to tie it to the end of your line with a secure knot. The bass really do seem to notice that, and won’t want to strike that lure.

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