[16] Over the next few hours, 04U's intensity remained largely unchanged; as conditions were not unfavourable enough to make it dissipate, but they were not favourable enough for 04U to strengthen. Post by Lord Hastings on Apr 6, 2020 14:35:41 GMT -5 Several of our normal writers are unavailable due to various circumstances related to current events. Cyclone Owen has formed over the coral sea with wind gusts climbing to 95km/h. Given how little happened outside of Queensland, could you remove the sub-sections for the impact section? [26][27] At around 20:30 UTC on 14 December, the BoM reported that Owen had made landfall as a Category 3 severe tropical cyclone with a pressure of 960 hPA (mbar), on an uninhabited stretch of coast to the northwest of Port McArthur. Everything is in addition to the last statement, so also generally isn't needed. [17] By 12 December, 04U was still slowly moving west and not changing intensity. North Atlantic tropical storms seasonal forecast for 2020. High School Two-time "04U continued to move westward through the Gulf of Carpentaria, and convection increased through early 11 December. Please be consistent. On December 2, a warning was issued for the Solomon Islands. Pinterest. Owen was the third tropical low, first tropical cyclone, and first severe tropical cyclone of the 2018–19 Australian region cyclone season - this is fine except it was called Tropical Low 04U by the BoM. The Owen cyclone system moving over Queensland's north has been downgraded to a tropical low but severe weather and flood warnings remain in place. GPM data revealed Amphan generated over 914 mm or 36 inches of rainfall over the Bay. Could you mention the first landfall in the lead? You mention AEST four times but never linked it. - this is unsourced, What is the reference for "Cyclone Owen caused significant damage in Papua New Guinea.". You should then say that "Over the next couple of days, the system moved southwards over the Solomon Sea and gradually developed further, with atmospheric convection consolidating close to the centre - This should then be cited back to the BoM's first. Download. You could have one paragraph for PNG and Solomons, have a paragraph for Australia as a whole, then one for Queensland and NT each. [4], Cyclone Owen made several landfalls in Queensland throughout its duration. Individual cyclone reports. Linkedin. Cyclone Owen unleashed fierce winds and up to 20cm of torrential rain across the state’s far north. [18] Early on 12 December, though, conditions started to become more favourable, and 04U's convection increased" - this is a lot of text, but it doesn't say a lot. GPM IMERG estimated rainfall totals from Cyclone Amphan from May 16 – 19, 2020. [6] At around 18:00 UTC on 9 December (04:00 AEST, 10 December), Owen's remnant tropical low made landfall on the Cape York Peninsula near Port Douglas in Queensland. Cyclone Owen is moving slowly over waters off the Northern Territory with winds of up to 200km/h (124mph), meteorologists said. Category 3 is an adjective, not a noun. Owen made landfall on the south-east Gulf of Carpentaria coast between Kowanyama and the Gilbert River Mouth at about 3:00am (AEST) and has since been downgraded to a category two. Invest 97P moved close to the Solomon Islands, causing minor rainfall. Also, this peak contradicts with the infobox, "Early in the morning on 14 December, Owen began to develop a ragged eye while continuing to move eastward" - you mentioned the eye forming earlier. Tropical Cyclone Owen will intensify into a category 3 storm by Thursday morning, forecasters at the Bureau of Meteorology predict. Tropical Cyclone Owen was downgraded to a tropical low at 4:00pm on Saturday, after making landfall south of Kowanyama with wind gusts of up to 170 kph.